Why is issue reporting not enabled on the GitHub repositories?

I ran into problems setting up mCerebrum on my Android phone (Android version 7.1.1) following the getting started guide. I wanted to report this as an issue on GitHub on the relevant repository, but you do not seem to have enabled this community feature. Could you enable issues on all GitHub repositories or are these libraries not intended for open source development?

In regards to the specific issue, I have an error log (adp logcat) which I could attach to help identify whether the problem is related to just my phone, or to the .apk.

P.s. I reported this first through the contact page on software.md2k.org. This contact form seems to be built using Formspree and (when I tried to use the form) is not fully set up yet. You need to complete step three and confirm your email address to start receiving emails.


We are aware of some issues with Android 7 but appreciate additional bug reports. The project is Open Source; however, we have found that the GitHub issue tracker is problematic for projects that have a lot of repositories. Please use this form http://software.md2k.org/under-the-hood/feedback/ which submits to our https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/1982081 project.

I will look into the contact page as well.


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