Updating mCerebrum's software components to the latest versions

mCerebrum has two built-in update mechanisms.

  1. The main launcher screen contains an Update mCerebrum button if the study software is in test mode

    By pressing this button, you trigger the system to install the latest version of the mCerebrum study application and it checks all dependencies for updates. If updates are available, you will be prompted to enter the Settings panel and update each application.
    Note: The Install Applications screen can also be accessed through the Admin Settings screen by tapping Configure Applications and then tapping Applications.

  2. On the Install Applications screen, tap Check Updates. Each software app in the list will show a green checkmark icon to indicate it is up-to-date. If any apps show a yellow caution or red X icon, the app needs to be updated.

  3. Tap Fix All to download and install all updates. When each download is complete, tap Install to install the update and tap Done when the installation is complete.

Additional information can be found here: https://md2k.org/software/softwareuserguides/