Protocol for study coordinator when participants complete the study

  1. Upload GPS data and any remaining data to the cloud
    a) Open “Datakit” app from the application list of the phone. Datakit should be running (timer is counting up).
    b) Go to “Settings” (icon appears as a cogwheel in the upper-right of the screen) -> tap “Upload Data”.
    c) Uncheck “Location” from the Restricted Data Stream settings and Save.
    d) Return to the main screen of the Datakit application (with the timer).
    e) Click “Toggle” button in the “Cerebral Cortex” section of the main Screen
    f) Wait until the data upload is completed.
    g) Return to the “Upload Data” settings in “b)” above, and re-apply the Location restriction for the next participant and Save.

  2. Backup all of the data to the computer
    a) Ensure that the Datakit service is not running to avoid file corruption.
    i) Open Datakit app.
    ii) If you see “START”, application is not running and you may proceed.
    iii) If the app is running (timer is counting up), then stop the application by stopping the study (this can be found in the Settings page of mCerebrum).
    iv) Restart the phone.
    v) Don’t start the study.
    b) Connect phone with computer. (If any prompt appears in the phone like “Allow access to device data”, click “ALLOW”)
    c) For both internal SD card and external SDCard, do the following
    i) Open the directory “Android”->“data” -> “org.md2k.datakit”.
    ii) Copy all of the files inside it to the computer (the directory name of the computer should be “ExternalSDCard” or “InternalSDcard” which is appropriate)
    d) All of this data should be copied under the directory named by “userid”. Any other data related to this participant may also be copied as excel/text file in the same directory. For example, demographic information, any comment/note about this participant, start time and end time of the study of this participant.

  3. Share the backup copy with Memphis team (for the first few participants to make sure that everything is working fine)
    a) Use secure server/Box/proprietary approved secure storage option (this will be a case-by-case and site-by-site basis)

  4. Prepare the phone for the next participant
    a) From the study app, download the configuration file again
    b) Check whether there is any software update available
    c) Delete all data
    d) Prepare the study again (ex: configure all sensors, insert user id and other info)