How to copy data from mCerebrum

The mCerebrum platform requires all DataKit services to be stopped prior to accessing certain portions of the data archive to prevent corruption of the databases. Follow these steps to extract all archived data from an mCerebrum instance.

  1. Stop the study if it is currently running.
  2. Launch the DataKit application and ensure the timer is not running and its state is inactive
    • If the timer is still active, reboot the phone to force the connection between mCerebrum application to reset.
  3. Plug the phone into a computer
  • Apple
  • Windows
    • Plug the phone into the computer and wait for Windows to finish installing drivers
  1. Locate and copy the following folders to your computer
  • Internal Memory: /Android/data/org.md2k.datakit/files
  • External Memory if equiped: /Android/data/org.md2k.datakit/files