Getting started with mCerebrum


mCerebrum is a configurable software platform for mobile and wearable devices. The mCerebrum platform is divided into functional layers so that each component is flexible and can be adapted and extended without adversely affecting the other components. Two components – an access controller and data router – links each layer. The access controller is responsible to ensuring that pairs of components within the system have appropriate credentials to communicate with each other through the data router, which is responsible for routing data objects throughout the platform.

More information: mCerebrum Documentation

Quick start

  1. Download the latest version of mCerebrum ( and install the APK file on and Android 5.x or 6.x device.
  2. mCerebrum will run and the Settings button will be highlighted in red, press it.
  3. A prompt will be shown asking you to enter a filename of a configuration file to download, enter default and press OK.
  4. Once a configuration file is successfully downloaded and installed, you will be prompted with an Admin password screen. The default password is 1234
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the main mCerebrum application.