Hosts sought for community-based Precision Medicine events

The White House is looking for organizations interested in hosting Precision Medicine events in their communities, which will play a vital role in making President Obama's vision of Precision Medicine a reality.

According to a website soliciting participation the Precision Medicine Initiative "requires an all-hands-on-deck approach, so as we continue the Federal Government's Work, we know that the work you are doing is just as important."

Organizations interested in hosting a precision medicine event should fill out the form on this page by February 26. 

The invitation to host the events was also part of a one-year Precision Medicine update posted here by DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Stephanie Devaney, Project Manager of the Precision Medicine Initiative.

The events are being described as "a great opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate deep collaboration across government, industry, academics, patients and delivery systems.
  • Spark local innovation and entrepreneurship around precision medicine and digital data.
  • Create new action to achieve the priorities and values of our collective precision-medicine efforts:
  • Make it easier for patients to access, understand, and share their own digital-health data, including donating it for research.
  • Engage participants as partners in research, including returning results to them in dynamic, user-centered ways.
  • Adhere to strong privacy and data-security principles.
  • Reduce disparities and bring the promise of precision medicine to everyone.
  • Open up data and technology tools to invite citizen participation, unleash new discoveries, and bring together diverse collaborators to share their unique skills."